HeatingLiving in the West Chicago area, a dependable heating system is a survival tool.  You can’t possibly enjoy a comfortable and relaxing home without consistent heating.  However, maintaining perfect temperature levels can be expensive, if equipment isn’t functioning at peak capacity.  To defend against the brutal winter cold, prevent inconvenient repairs, and get the absolute most out of your energy dollar, call Chris Mechanical Services, Inc for cost-effective, professional maintenance.  Our NATE-certified technicians have the factory training, practical experience, and product knowledge to keep your system running smoothly and reliably.

The best time to schedule preventative service is before the cold weather sets in.  Without yearly cleaning and inspection, components can wear out quickly, stop working entirely, and even pose a safety hazard.  Manufacturers strongly advise homeowners to schedule annual maintenance by qualified professionals.  Your equipment can’t come close to reaching the manufacturer’s expectations for efficiency, sound levels and system longevity without regular cleaning, troubleshooting and inspection.  Skilled service is also necessary for continued warranty protection, and any damage caused by improper maintenance is not covered.

Servicing All Brands of Heating Systems

Whatever type of heating system you have, it’s best not to wait until it breaks down to schedule service.  A well-tuned furnace will save money on fuel, eliminate the majority of repairs and extend system life.  The time and cost of annual service is minimal, especially when compared to repairs and the cost of installing a new heating unit.  At Chris Mechanical Services, Inc, we work within your schedule, protect all surfaces from damage, keep an organized job site, and clean up all discarded materials.  We offer service agreements to take the worry out of heating your home and better safeguard your investment.

As homes are increasingly tightened for the sake of energy efficiency, combustion byproducts are a growing health concern.  While your furnace may seem to be working adequately, without professional inspection, wear and tear can lead to improper combustion, possible overheating, cracks in the heat exchanger, and dangerous carbon monoxide levels.  Headaches, nausea, fatigue, disrupted sleep, and poor concentration are common symptoms experienced by people who live with a faulty heater.  Through a professional maintenance agreement with Chris Mechanical Services, Inc, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing your heating system is operating safely and efficiently.

Proper Furnace Service in West Chicago, Wheaton, Aurora, Roselle, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, and Carol Stream, IL

Heating systems, when properly installed and serviced, can significantly improve the freshness and cleanliness of indoor air.  Neglected equipment, however, can worsen the air your family breathes, circulating dust, dander and contaminants with the conditioned space.  Once dust penetrates the cabinet, accumulating on the inner workings, friction is caused and airflow diminished.  System airflow impacts heating capacity, air quality, and can exacerbate allergies and increase irritations in the nose and throat.  Meticulous cleaning and careful adjustment of components promotes sufficient airflow, rewarding temperature control and a healthy indoor environment.

Chris Mechanical Services, Inc is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, having met strenuous requirements for industry specific education, product knowledge, and business practices.  We are a Comfort24-7 Provider, which translates into a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work and the Factory Authorized Parts we install.  A comprehensive service agreement ensures fewer repairs, extends system lifespan, maximizes efficiency, and saves money on overall operation.  The NATE-certified, licensed and fully bonded technicians from Chris Mechanical Services, Inc will take the best possible care of your heating system, making sure you have consistent and dependable heat when you need it most.  We service all makes and models, and provide the highest level of service to homeowners in West Chicago and throughout West Chicago, Wheaton, Aurora, Roselle, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, and Carol Stream, IL.