GeneratorsFor all of your residential, commercial and recreational generator needs, Chris Mechanical Services, Inc has the experience and knowledge to match your specific requirements to the most efficient and highest quality product.  We are your comprehensive provider of new purchases, maintenance, parts and accessories.  Our licensed technicians will be happy to provide information and make practical recommendations.

While there is a wide spectrum of available choices, Chris Mechanical Services, Inc can help narrow those options to find the perfect fit.  We offer generators that are fuel efficient, provide long run times and deliver consistent power, avoiding fluctuations that can cause equipment to shut down or damage appliances.  If sound levels are an issue, most generators are labeled with decibel ratings.

Home standby generators permanently backup your power system.  Installed directly into your home’s wiring, an automatic transfer switch provides a convenient and reliable backup power supply that will take over the moment you experience an outage.

Industrial use generators are designed with construction work in mind, supplying durable, consistent and long-lasting power.  For commercial use, an efficient generator will keep your business up and running during a blackout.

Noise levels, fuel efficiency & run time, power output quality, portability, ease of starting, durability and quality of craftsmanship are important factors to consider before making an investment in a new generator.  With an extensive selection, we guarantee to solve your needs.  Our expert technicians will provide any new installation or necessary maintenance to old or used generators.  Contact Chris Mechanical Services, Inc for cost effective and efficient standby generators.