Tips for Heating Repair and Maintenance

Heating Repair and Maintenance Your furnace can break down when you most need it. This is a nightmare for anyone and in this situation, you need to act fast. Look for a heating repair service that is fast and also … Continued

HVAC Myths: Furnace Edition

5 Furnace Myths Myth #1: “Setting my thermostat to the highest temperature will heat my home the fastest.” One of the most common myths about furnaces is the higher the thermostat is set the faster your home will warm up, … Continued

Debunking the Most Common Heating/Cooling Myths

Heating/Cooling Myths If you are a homeowner, you are most likely looking for trending ideas to make your home more comfortable. Of course, this is the most important investment you can make in life and it is understandable that you … Continued

Dryer Fire Safety in Wheaton IL

The Problem Today: Very few homeowners realize the potential for dryer fires in their home. Back in the day, most clothing dryers were located in the basement of homes near an outside wall. Today, most builders have moved away from … Continued

Help Maintain Your Comfort!

Finding a solution for your indoor air quality problems isn’t always the easiest problem to tackle. Luckily we have a little guide here to direct you to the proper solution!  

Repair vs. Replace

Do you ever look at your HVAC system and wonder whether or not you should be replacing your system? Well look no further, Chris Mechanical has created a helpful cheat sheet to take the mystery out of the decision making process!