A/C Maintenance & Air Conditioner Service West Chicago, Wheaton, Aurora, Roselle, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, and Carol Stream, IL

air conditioningNo matter the age, style, or manufacturer of your cooling system, it requires regular maintenance in order to provide consistent and rewarding comfort on the hot, sticky summer days and nights.  You depend on your air conditioner to maintain desired temperatures, reduce humidity, and operate quietly, without high utility costs.  The only way your equipment can live up to your expectations is through professional cleaning and inspection.  Call Chris Mechanical Services, Inc for preventative service, and our NATE-certified specialists will optimize your system to ensure energy efficiency, dependable operation and a fresher, cleaner and more comfortable home environment.   We’d be happy to set up a maintenance agreement, taking the worry out of your hands and providing complete peace of mind.

Why A/C Service is Important

Dirt and debris can easily build up at numerous points throughout your cooling system, leading to loss of airflow, motors being overworked, higher running costs and more frequent repairs.  Pollen and dust can stick to the damp surfaces of the cooling coil, and because of the close spacing of fins, airflow across the coil is restricted.  The coils of your HVAC system are key components, making sure your unit is reliable, effective and cost-efficient for the long-term.  Since there is a great deal of air transfer required to draw the hot air out of your home and introduce clean, cool air, you want to make sure the coils are in top condition.  When your coils are well-maintained, the fan can easily do its job and provide a cool, enjoyable home environment.

Decomposing animals, nasty bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi can accumulate deep within air conditioning units.  Millions of unwanted particles, such as mold spores, can become airborne when your cooling system is activated, circulated throughout your home, and then breathed by occupants.  Rather than providing comfort, your central air system could be posing a major health hazard.  Fatigue, coughing, sore throat, congestion, asthma attacks, respiratory infections and flu-like symptoms can all be a direct result of neglected cooling equipment.  Regular and meticulous cleaning, performed by the professionals from Chris Mechanical Services, Inc, ensures the reduction of allergens and a healthier, safer home.

Control Humidity With A Well-Serviced Air Conditioner

Air conditioners create significant condensation.  Humidity reduction is an essential part of the cooling process.  The condensate collector can become an algae breeding ground if left untouched.  If this organic growth extends into the condensate drain and forms a blockage, water leakage can lead to severe property damage before homeowners detect it.  There’s also the problem of mold and mildew, which thrive in the damp environment of air conditioning vents, coils and ducts, introducing millions of spores into the air your family breathes.  Black mold can cause severe respiratory problems.  Prevention is better than having to remove mold later on.  Keeping your cooling components free of dirt and debris eliminates the organic matter on which mold can feed and greatly decreases the likelihood of mold growth.

All cooling systems should be professionally inspected, cleaned and adjusted prior to the beginning of every cooling season.  By keeping equipment working at peak conditioning, you save energy, enjoy healthier air quality, head off potential repairs and extend system longevity.  When you call Chris Mechanical Services, Inc for annual maintenance, you’ll know your equipment is ready to handle the tough West Chicago summer.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our licensed technicians receive ongoing training, keeping current with modern technology and equipment.  We service all makes and models, regardless of manufacturer, age or condition, and utilize Factory Authorized Parts whenever feasible.

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We offer and highly recommend maintenance agreements to fully protect your cooling system against wear and tear.  As a Comfort24-7 Provider, every aspect of the work we provide and the Bryant components and systems we install are 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or Chris Mechanical Services, Inc will make it right.  Call us at 630-562-0911, for comprehensive service throughout West Chicago, Wheaton, Aurora, Roselle, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, and Carol Stream, IL.  Our goal is to keep you completely cool and comfortable at affordable prices.  Through the most sophisticated tools, highest level of commitment, industry-trained service team, and leading-edge equipment, Chris Mechanical Services, Inc answers the challenge of high expectations.